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Today is the SECOND new Moon in Cancer this year!

The Second New Moon in Cancer! Once in a blue moon!

Second New Moon In Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer today is the second New Moon in Cancer this year! That is rare for this Moon and like a double gateway into our souls. It is also in a perfect opposition with Saturn over at 28 degrees Capricorn giving this New Moon a very edgy feeling of needing to get things done, planned and cleaned.  Saturn is also giving strength to this Moon to have a strong structure in place that will support our dreams of being loved, safe and secure. Neptune is trine this whole shebang (with a wide orb) and lending her esoteric energy to this very Capricorn/Cancer transit so that we can see the deeper meaning in support of ourselves. She guides us to tune into our true gentle Cancerian hearts and ask “what would true love of ourselves look like?” If it isn’t outside of ourselves like the Cancer and Caps tend to look for it, where is it? Could it be always available to us no matter what? How would that look? This is such a powerful window to set intentions for the next year for radical self-care and choosing to face the uncomfortable feelings so that we can be more in the present moment. With Neptune lifting this New Moon up and Saturn giving it bones, we have the opportunity to set goals about self-care and keep them!