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Dana Zia

I am a Shamanic astrologer. Shamanic Astrology is a brilliant and approachable form of astrology that focuses on the idea that your chart is simply a map that your higher self co-creates with you at the time of your birth that can gracefully guide you on this Earthly path.

Astrological Readings

Your birth chart has a unique thumbprint special to you. I like to call it your star story. Through the patterns of the stars, planets, Sun and Moon at the time of your birth, I help you attune with your star story. This personal map is left for you by your higher self and guides to give you building blocks to help you grow into your greater self and claim your grander story.

When I give a Birth Chart reading, I help you see and hear your wiser self contained in your star story. Together we will explore this beautiful and complex map and open up its mysteries in very understandable terms that you can actively use on your path in this world. It’s like sorting out your cosmic puzzle. I will then give you strategies, coping mechanisms and solid tools to using your chart as a guidebook to navigating your earthly journey.

Through this reading, you will more deeply understand yourself, your challenges and super powers and that is ultimately empowering. Knowledge is power! Your reading will be a revelation and you’ll be more in tune with yourself, your evolution and actions to take. All readings will be recorded and then given to you in audio files you can re-play to sink deeper into the information.

It is impossible to cover all the details of your chart in a single reading and each time we get together for a reading, we will work deeper into the nuances of your chart to bring you even more into communication with your higher knowledge and purposes.

I have been studying Shamanic Astrology for over 30 years. I was enchanted ever since getting my first life changing reading at the age of 28, right before my first Saturn return. I look forward to sharing my love and passion for this elegant way of exploring your unique story and empowering yourself through communing with your star story!

Astrology readings and prices are as follows; These rates also reflects my preparation time before and after the session, creating and sending charts, researching transits, email exchanges, and more. All astrology readings are mostly done online with a Zoom call and if you’re closer to me, we can do them in person. (Provided we aren’t in quarantine!) I record all readings and email you the audio flies. I also send you a document afterwards that has the pertinent information about the transits.


Readings & Pricing

Full Birth Chart

A full birth chart reading; $125 This is for first time clients and is a full reading of 1.5 hours of time spent with me getting acquainted with your birth chart. This reading will give you tools and strategies on how to work with your chart, not against it, ultimately bringing you more peace and understanding. You will get a sense of your current life purpose and the skill set you’ve brought into this life as well as places you may get stuck and guidance on how to get unstuck. This reading is a powerful experience that will help you gain more inner knowledge of your personal challenges and super powers and how to work with them. We will also go over your transits which is how the present planet’s locations are interacting with your birth chart. These are your personal initiation cycles, and through them we can set a course of action for you to take advantage of them. A life changing tool!

Going Deeper

Going Deeper reading; $125; This is the next level reading into your birth chart for returning clients. For 1.5 hours, we will study more of the details contained in it for you to get a deeper understanding of your star story and how to align with it. This reading will also dive deeper into your transits discussing strategies and pathways to get the most out of them. This is the next level of understanding yourself and unveiling of your super powers, challenges and forward progression. It is an enlightening experience and opening to a deeper knowledge of yourself, which is empowering!

Tune Up

A partial birth chart or tune up reading; $85 is for a one hour reading that either gives you a basic understanding of your birth chart or a quick tune in of transits for returning clients. If it is your first reading, we will look at your “key three” which is your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. This reading is a great starter reading that will help you get introduced to your star story. It is a great way to catch up on what is going on in your transits for returning clients.


Synergy reading with your beloved; $150 for both of you This is for returning clients. This is a 1.5 hour reading focusing on the synergy in your birth charts. You will learn how to play to your strengths and how to navigate the more challenging aspects of your charts with grace. You will come away with a powerful alignment on how to work together and tools and strategies to strengthen your relationship on all levels.

About Me

I have been studying astrology for 30 years and practicing for 8 years as a certified Shamanic Astrologer. I first was introduced to Astrology when I was 28 years old, before my first Saturn return. The lovely man that did the reading, with an old fashion hand drawn chart that I still have, impacted me profoundly. He kept stressing the Pluto transit I had coming and I was young, in love and tra-la-la-ing my way along. Then at the exact time that the transit started, I experienced everything he told me that I might encounter. It was an intense wakeup call and an eye opener to astrology.

Shortly after that in 1989, I moved to Maui where I met the founder of Shamanic Astrology (SA), Daniel Giamario, and started taking classes from him. The classes and information I was learning sang in my very core and quickly became part of my life’s path. I took as many classes possible from him and received many readings from him as well. I infused myself with his teachings. Even after I left Maui in ’95, I kept learning about astrology from every interesting form that called to me, but I was a single mom and it took a back seat.

Fast forward to 2012, when I had a few major transits and life events happen, I returned once again to intensely studying SA from Daniel and the co-founder of SA, Cayelin Castell. At this same time, I started giving SA readings far and wide. I have devoted myself to the art of science of it ever since.

After many years of practicing as a massage therapist and now as an astrologer, I love working with others to help them find their own North Star. It never ceases to amaze me the absolute magic and synchronicity that coalesces out of doing astrology readings for others! Your chart is a map that was chosen by your higher self at your birth that has the fingerprint of your higher purpose and pathways. Interpreting this map with you is a great honor. 

The services that I offer as an astrologer opens up the person to create an energy and perception shift. The sacred shift within that is inspired by the presence of a compassionate guide. It is always an honor and a gift of great learning to be given the opportunity to profoundly touch another in the sharing of the ancient art on astrology.

I am a proud mother of 3 adult children and many fur babies, a very happy wife and daughter. My husband and I, with our furbabies, live on a remote island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

My Clients

“My session with Dana came on the foothills of one of the most painful experiences of my life and although I was trying to put on a brave face for the rest of the world, inwardly I was completely consumed with sadness and grief.  I knew my sun sign was Leo but that was basically the extent of my knowledge of astrology and I had not given it much thought beyond that.  Dana really piqued my interest when she called it a science and explained that her practice of Shamanic Astrology wasn’t so much about predicting the future as helping others to find purpose.  Dana’s intuitiveness and positive energy was remarkably cathartic and helped me see the recent events from a completely different perspective.  Dana packed so much into the session that afterwards my head was swimming but simultaneously I felt invigorated and full of hope. 

Over the following days and weeks I listened to the audio recording of the reading several times and found powerful nuggets of knowledge and inspiration on every occasion.  Dana’s insight opened my eyes to a whole new world and confirmed what I already knew (at a subconscious level) were my strengths and my opportunities to learn and grow in this life-time.  The reading has been instrumental in helping me “sit” with the grief and start focusing on my true intentions.  Although I know I am still very much in the healing process, I now have a much better understanding of how this process is part of my journey to a better version of me.  Dana is such a beautiful being who has undoubtedly found her calling and I will be eternally grateful to the Universe for bringing her into my life.”

Patty C

“Both the natal chart readings and subsequent readings for my current astrology/natal aspects and synastry (my chart compared to others’ charts) have been so enlightening and also validating. I was already feeling the energy and that a huge shift was happening in my life and tuning into it but I kind of went into fear a bit because I was not quite sure what I was feeling. After a few sessions with Dana I felt so validated and the big shift I had been feeling was clearly and plainly reflected in my chart that I was able to relax a lot more into the experience. I used to do astrology back in the early 80s but the light that is now shed on charts with the addition of entities like Dark Moon Lilith, Chiron, the moon’s nodes and fixed stars changes the astrological landscape entirely. Now my chart actually makes sense to me, where it did not before.

Dana is also an intuitive, psychic and an empath and with so many years of doing healing bodywork she’s so amazing working with clients, setting them at ease, bringing them into a healing, sacred, safe space.  Her experience and her intuitive abilities add so much to the astrological readings I’ve received. I highly recommend Dana Zia’s shamanic astrology readings to all, especially those who have been doing their work and are on the path already…she’s definitely a healer’s healer.”


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